r/Bourbon 2021 Pinhook Exclusive Private Batch

Year: 2021 by t8ke, Blake Riber, Sean Josephs, Ryan Lintz, G-List, WhiskeyCurator, PhillyPretzelTahiniShake, bradbobaggins

Info: 660 Bottles

Retailer: Seelbachs.com

Notes: Brown sugar, light nuttiness and caramel at first on the nose. A surprising amount of oak thanks to one of the anchor barrels holding a lot of tannin and baking spice. Sweet cream, vanilla bean, light pepper, orange peel and a long sweet finish. Castle & Key’s stocks are drinking nicely at 4 years, and this blend capitalizes most heavily on their baking spice / caramel character, while bringing in light floral character and bold oak notes.

Additional Info: The first ever private blend coming out of Pinhook for r/bourbon leveraging their Castle & Key stocks. Bottling at true barrel proof. A panel of 10 people took part in blending barrels for an entire day at Saxony farm.