r/bourbon – 2021 – Westland Single Cask #2423

Artwork: by t8ke

Year: 2021 by t8ke

Info: Cask #2423, Red Wine Cask, Cask Strength, 5-Malt Mashbill, Distilled 1/28/2015, Bottled 2/22/2021, HAZMAT Proof

Notes: This HAZMAT monser is nothing short of flavorful. Berry, char, lovely wine character and sweet caramel malt notes. For 70% you’d never know it, so watch out when you pour yourself a second dram. Rich on the palate, everlasting finish and a great blend of red wine, tannins, malt and caramel. Cherry cordial, toffee, werthers caramels and awesome oak tannin all combine for a whiskey that’s both unbridled and balanced.

Additional Info: Picked alongside Westland Single Cask 775, Westland Single Cask 2949 in a live streamed tasting selection.