r/Bourbon 2021 Whistle Pig “Whistle Missile”

Year: 2021 by t8ke

Info: Barrel #3163 – Barreled on 1/10/05, Bottled December 2020, 52.85% ABV

Retailer: Shared Pour

Notes: This rye opens with cake batter, maple syrup, praline, honey and some toffee. The proof is exceptionally well behaved, with maple, brown butter, cocoa, clove and spicy pepper playing well off each other. Rich mouthfeel with moderate oak structure and not too many tannins. Long finish, a bit of honey, and more maple and brown sugar blend with a big big big hit of white pepper, rich, herbal spicy clove and a hint of orange peel before the maple claws it back. It’s sweet, spicy, oaky and savory at the same time, a gem of the hyper aged ryes that Whistle Pig has on deck right now.