r/bourbon – 2022 – Rare Character “Blooming In Confinement”

Year: 2022

Info: Distilled 5/2016, Bottled 1/2022, 75/21/4 Mashbill, 56.76% ABV

Additional Info: Distilled at MGP and aged fully at Castle & Key’s Warehouse B, this barrel matured completely in the stone E.H.Taylor warehouses on the property. Dumped, and bottled at cask strength after 5 years and 8 months of aging. This artwork is my vision of art being created, even while locked away deep in stone. If you’ve ever toured Warehouse B/C at Castle & Key, you know that this warehouse goes on for ever. It’s the longest warehouse still standing and holds more than 50,000 barrels. When the lights aren’t all on, the corridor just disappears into blackness. The dark, dank air can feel crushing. It’s an incredibly cool experience.

Notes: Pure apple pie, brown butter, toffee, honey and cream. Light cola on the back palate, a pleasant oak saturation from nose to finish. Pralines, roasted almonds, a hint of clove and cinnamon, and a long, maple finish.