r/bourbon – 2022 – Whistle Pig 10yr Single Barrel, Cask Strength Rye “Ryedration”

Year: 2022

Info: Distilled 2010, Barrel: 133761, ABV: 59.9%

Additional Info:

Notes: Quintessential, all the things I love about WhistlePig are here again. Sweet butter cream at first, apricot jam, toffee and confectioners sugar. Big rye spice swings in, pancake syrup, maple candies, bold tobacco and pepper, a touch of plum on the finish. Rich and viscous, I typically find myself satisfied after a pour or two of rye. Good for the night. Move on to something else. This one drinks a touch different, each sip leaves me wanting another, it’s one I could drink all evening long. But, now that you’ve got your ryedration, don’t forget hydration 🙂