r/bourbon – 2021 – Heaven’s Door Single Barrel #265 “Grapefruit Gold Rush”

Year: 2021 by t8ke

Info: Barrel #265, 75/21/4 Mashbill, Distilled 4/14/2015, ISC Cooperage, #3 Char, M Toast, Distilled by MGP in Indiana

Notes: With notes like a grapefruit citrus goldrush. Honey, citrus, spice, bold caramel. I don’t often get this much citrus in MGP distillate, and I love what the aging down in Tennessee has done here. Throw this on a cube with an orange garnish and you’ve got a hell of a no brainer kick back cocktail. Neat, it’s rich and viscous, with a long brown butter finish. 

Additional Info: Picked alongside Heaven’s Door Single Barrel #9341