r/Bourbon Bulleit Single Barrel “Shelbyville Surprise”

Year: 2021 by t8ke

Info: Barrel #2-E1-0241, 10 Years, #1 Leather Yeast, 21% Rye Mashbill

Retailer: Maison Corbeaux

Notes: A barrel too interesting to pass up, this was selected in addition to the 11yr selection because of its dessert-y punch. Brown sugar, big pepper, honey, caramel and a bit of orange rind and spice with an impressively long finish made this barrel one we kept coming back to time and time again.

Additional Info: The Shelbyville Surprise – this barrel was tasted alongside “Y’all Like Ludicrous” and chosen on the same selection trip. Adding more spice and punch, this more savory dessert profile was a perfect compliment to the 11yr barrel. At Bulleit, they invite you to leave your mark with a sharpie before you go. By now, there isn’t much room left on the barrel wall. So you find your own little slice wherever you can – as surprising as that spot may be 🙂